Free Barcode Generator

Enter one or more barcodes. When entering multiple barcodes, enter each barcode on its own line.
Optional. Enter barcode labels corresponding to the barcode values. when entering multiple labels, enter each label on its own line.
A prefix for all barcodes.
Increment to apply to each barcode in the series.

Unlock additional barcode features

Register an account (or login) to create up to 300 barcodes per week and share your barcodes with short URLs. Customers with at least one order can create up to 2000 barcodes per week.

The barcode generator is limited to 25 barcodes per week if you don't have an account.

Looking for control barcodes?

Control barcodes allow you easily send commands to your scanner, such as enabling or disabling WiFi or Bluetooth services.

Choose your product from the drop-down menu on our support page to get the control barcodes for your device. Alternatively, you can generate your own using this tool if you know the control barcode sequences.