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BAR39 "I"
(Interchar separator. Multiplicator of X)
EAN/UPC Supplement
UPCE System
Keyfob Wireless Laser Barcode Scanner
Best barcode scanner for mobile phones & tablets
QR Code Scanner Unmatched
Ultra-Fast 2D+1D wireless barcode scanner
Mobile NFC-RFID-Barcodes To-The-Core
Attendance, Inventory, Inspection, Security, Timeclock & More
Keyfob Sized UHF RFID Scanner
Read and Write tags on iPad, iPhone, Android
iOS & Android Wireless Remote
Controlmedia, make custom app codes, take pictures & more
Mobile Job Time Tracking & Signatures
NFC based shows who does what, where & how long. So accurate you can make payroll on it
90% Savings 1/4 The Cost
Why throw away your time and money?
Durable Water Resistant Android barcode scanner
Android barcode scanner water resistant no moving parts
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Control Barcodes - (Scanfob ® 2002, 8650 Ring Scanner)
Control Barcodes - (KDC200)
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Note: The Barcode Generator can produce up to 300 barcodes at a time

Note: Some types require a fixed length value:
  • EAN13: a 13 digit value or a 12 digit value + check character.
  • EAN8: a 8 digit value or a 7 digit value + check character.
  • UPCA and UPCE: a 12 digit value or a 11 digit value + check character.
  • UPCE: requires at least five consecutive zeros.
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