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Tools & Services



Barcode Generator

Create barcodes for all your scanning needs with our free online barcode generator!

The barcode generator is limited to 25 barcodes per week if you don't have an account. Register an account (or login) to create up to 300 barcodes per week and share your barcodes with short URLs. Customers with at least one order can create up to 2000 barcodes per week. 

Looking for control codes for Scanfob and KDC brand barcode scanners? Click here!


Support Resources

Visit our to access support related resources, including remote assistance, pre-configured control codes, frequently asked questions, quick start guides, and knowledge base articles.

Can't find what you need on our support pages? Submit a ticket to our help desk.


License Key Generator

Use the License Key Generator to generate a license key from your token. Input your name, and/or Hardware ID, and click “Generate Key!” Enter the resulting key into the SerialMagic software to register.



Click on the View All Downloads button to download Serialio and Cloud-In-Hand software for iOS, Android, Windows, and Mac OS X (as well as drivers for Serialio hardware).

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