Cloud-in-Hand® Mobile Solutions Framework

Cloud-in-Hand® Mobile Solutions Framework

Mobile Workforce Solutions
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Mobile Attendance

Record Attendance - Anywhere

Our attendance management solution allows you to track attendance for everything from education, to access control, to emergency mustering situations. Just upload your roster of contacts to the Cloud-In-Hand® cloud server and install the Cloud-In-Hand® Application on your mobile device. Record the individuals in attendance and upload your results when complete. It’s that simple. Use anywhere, with or without an internet connection. Cloud-In-Hand® Mobile Solutions make it easy to manage your event or work site on iOS & Android Operating Systems.



Mobile Inventory

A Mobile Inventory Management Solution - Simplified

Upload your item list to the Cloud-In-Hand® Cloud server. Install the Cloud-In-Hand® Mobile Application to your mobile device. Then just scan the items you receive in, send out, or use internally. When you are done scanning, upload the figures. From there, Cloud-In-Hand® calculates the change in quantities and sends you a report of the updated quantities. It’s that simple. Use anywhere, with or without an internet connection. Cloud-In-Hand® Mobile Solutions make it easy to take or review inventory numbers anywhere, anytime,on iOS or Android Mobile Devices.



Mobile Order

A Mobile Sales Solution - Ideal for Field Agents

Cloud-In-Hand® Mobile Order provides an easy solution for businesses to manage ordering and sales representatives using today’s popular mobile devices. When configured with a Scanfob® Brand Barcode Scanner, Mobile Order allows for unparalleled ease-of-use and deployment, and a simple end-user interface ensures accurate order tracking. Syncing orders to a remote database and Mobile Order’s built-in location aware features enable remote management and monitoring of sales reps, and setting up custom price sheets for individual customers is a breeze. And our world-class customer support will have you set up and running in no time.



Mobile Mustering

Emergency Mustering Software - Ensure The Safety & Whereabouts Of Your Employees

Utilizing the latest in RFID and barcode technology, the Cloud-In-Hand® Mobile Mustering solution enables organizations to automatically determine which individuals have safely arrived at assembly areas — and which people remain unaccounted for. Cloud-In-Hand® provides an easy and reliable way to take attendance, anywhere and at any time.



Mobile Delivery

Verify Your Orders - On The Go

Cloud-In-Hand® Mobile Delivery provides a systematic process of maintaining and overseeing a company’s or individual’s orders and deliveries with a cost effective solution. Our solution integrates with your current order fulfillment software and can be easily used on iOS or on Android to track orders for commercial drivers, delivery specialists and more.