Scanfob® 3002i Bluetooth 2D Barcode Scanner

Scanfob® 3002i Bluetooth 2D Barcode Scanner

Bluetooth Wireless 2D/1D Barcode Reader With Batch Storage feature
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The Scanfob® 3002i 2D Bluetooth Scanner is the most convenient, versatile 2D bar code scanner on the market.
The genuine Scanfob® 3002i works automatically with many applications like Android versions of SerialMagic Gears, Grid-In-Hand™ Mobile Grid, Order-In-Hand™ Mobile Order, List-In-Hand® Mobile List, and more. If you buy an imitation Scanfob® scanner software license fees are extra.
The Scanfob scanner is ideal for use with your mobile phone, Internet device, laptop, PC, and Mac. Use for many applications such as inventory counting, shopping, time tracking, security, health care, packing, shipping, delivery, Book scouting and more. Limited only by your imagination.


Supports Apple MFi, SPP and HID Bluetooth profiles for multi-platform functionality.
To use MFi feature, an iOS application is required that supports the MFi scanner. Mobile Grid and Mobile Order support MFi.


2D CMOS imager rapidly scans and decodes 1D and 2D bar codes. Capable of scanning bar codes displayed on phone or computer screens.


Small and light, the Scanfob 3002i weighs in at only 2 ounces and less than 4 inches long. (Dimensions: 3.27 L x 0.85 D x 1.42 W)
High capacity lithium-ion battery rechargeable using virtually any computer or laptop USB port. 10 hours of operating time (1 scan/5 seconds, Bluetooth connected)
Provides batch memory option for scanning to scanner memory and download scans later over Bluetooth or cable. SerialMagic software may be required for some batch operations.
With a protection rating of IP42, the Scanfob 3002i is extremely durable and reliable.
And the comprehensive two-year warranty protects your investment.

What's in the box

  • Scanfob® 3002i Wireless 2D/1D Barcode Reader
  • Scanfob® 3002i Quick Start Guide
  • USB-A Male to Scanfob® 3002i Cable