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Serialio had the opportunity to present a solution platform to Healthcare Institutes around the USA through HIMSS18.
With our partners at RFIDeas, we brought our idChamp® RS3 and Cloud-in-Hand® Mobile Attendance.

The benefits of our platforms allow companies to save money while working faster and safer.

Serialio's Solution

Check out our presentation at HIMSS18:


Working quickly is a key part to most of our everyday lives.
Deadlines upon deadlines fill our calendars with demands of working quickly.
However, with speed comes the risk of inaccuracy.
When using mobile businesses processes, you can run into this risk as well.
So how can we utilize the power of mobile web apps and at the same time reduce the risk of bad data-entry?

Serialio's iScanBrowser is here to save you time and lower risk.


According to the dictionary, to integrate means to combine (one thing) with another so they become a whole.
You can infer from that definition that if you fail to integrate you do not have a whole, instead you have... a hole.
Bad puns aside, many businesses find it hard to integrate.
Whether it be new devices or new personnel, businesses often struggle to create that whole.

So how can we integrate devices into our businesses?